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Why Choose Sterling?

state of the art facilities

Our equipment and protocols are state of the art and our facilities are certified by the American College of Radiology. While quality is never sacrificed our self pay rates are among the lowest in the their service areas and payment plans are available. There is no double billing. We acquire pre-certification and interact with insurance providers whenever needed.

safe and conveniently located

Our facilities are safe and conveniently located. All appropriate protocols and procedures are followed with respect to infectious diseases. Physicians are always on site for any IV injection. Emergency drugs and equipment are present at all facilities. Patients with disabilities receive appropriate help and consideration whenever needed.

ALL board certified radiologists

All interpretations and invasive procedures performed by board certified radiologists with sub specialty training and decades of clinical experience.

Prompt Physician to physician consults

Prompt Physician to physician consults require nothing more than a phone call. There is always someone available for consultation.


Reports can be tailored to your specialty if requested.

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